Friday, March 20, 2015

When I was an Alcoholic

When I was an Alcoholic

I used to be an alcoholic a year ago.
I never knew how bad it was for me and the people around me.
It would make boys like me more because I would do stupid shit with them.
I used to be an alcoholic but that was only a year ago
Using alcohol to take away the pain of people hurting me everyday
Instead of facing the problem upfront. I avoided it to the point of where I just completely felt numb to the world around me.
During that year I finally realized that I have an alcohol problem.
I used to have an alcoholic problem until January 17th, 2013.
I went to get help for my alcoholism. I have been away for a year and eight months.
I went to three different places to get help for it. Two who thought they were making me a better person.
They thought scaring me would work better for me not to do it at all.
Fearing them instead made me want more alcohol than I have ever wanted in my life.
Yet, I decided that those two were never going to help me.
I went to a new place to help me.
I used to be an alcoholic until August 13th, 2013, when I entered Asheville Addictions.
I have been sober from alcohol for about a year.
I used to be an alcoholic, but  I will never be one again. Never again.

Instead I became a foodie. Nom Nom

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